Senecio Peregrinus

Senecio Peregrinus

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AKA String of Dolphins,  Dolphin Necklace 

Care: Easy

Light Levels: They can cope with a few hours of sunlight per day, although best to keep an eye on where they are as too much direct light can burn the leaves. Treat them much like a succulent. Bright spot, out of direct sun, in a. warm spot that's not ever too cold or drafty.

Water + Humidity: As a type of succulent, the string of dolphins stores water in its stems and can tolerate under-watering. They drink more in summer, water once top couple of inches dry out but make sure they don’t sit in water, good drainage is essential. It only requires a little plant food twice per year, maybe a tad more if it has grown a lot in a season.

Pet / Baby Safe: Toxic

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

Why we love them: Lovely trailing plants, but mostly - they look like tiny dolphins!! Need we say more?


Dimensions (approx.)

Height 25 cm x Width 25 cm

Pot size 15 cm