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Pleomele Anita Variegata

Pleomele Anita Variegata

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  • Care: Easy

  • Light Levels: Bright, indirect light for this one, they are also pretty shade tolerant.

  • Water + Humidity: In Spring and summer, water when the top third of the soil has dried out. In autumn and winter allow the top half to dry. Aim to water this as regularly as possible and keep the lovely leaves clean.

  • Top Tip: If your plant is getting less light then it will need less water.

  • Pet/Baby Safe: Toxic if ingested

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable For Plant Beginners: Yes

  • Why We Love Them: Their spikes hairdo!


Dimensions (approx.)
Height: 80cm
Width: 25cm
Pot size: 19cm