Pilea Peperomoides

Pilea Peperomoides

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AKA Chinese Money Plant

Care: Easy 

Light Levels: These plants need a bright spot, but won’t thrive in harsh direct light so  keep them just away from windows.  

Water + Humidity: Give them a drink once the soil has dried out fully, they’re not too fussy and will forgive some irregularity. 

Pet / Baby Safe:Yes

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

Why we love them: Their perfectly round leaves are quirky and make this such an interesting plant. They're also said to bring luck to their owner, but maybe we’re just lucky to have them as a great indoor plant! Also excellent for taking cuttings, which you can afford to do when they are this size!


Dimensions (approx.)

height 20 x width 15 cm, pot size 12 cm