Phlebodium Davana
Phlebodium Davana

Phlebodium Davana

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AKA Blue Fern

Care: Thrives with a little care

Light Levels: Loves a bright spot but definitely no direct sun.

Water + Humidity: Keep the soil moist (aim to not let it become waterlogged or cold), watering from underneath is quite good too. Summer months will require a regular watering schedule, so the fern doesn't become crispy and dehydrated, this can be cut back when it gets colder. As a fern, it loves high humidity, making it ideal for your well-lit bathroom.

Pet / Baby Safe: Yes

Air Purification:  Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

Why we love them: The pale blue colour is very in right now and reminds us of cool eucalyptus tones, it also adds a new dimension to any plant collection.



Small:  Height 35 x width 30 cm, pot size 12 cm

Hanger:  Height 55 x width 60 cm, pot size 20cm