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Phlebodium Blue star
Phlebodium Blue star

Phlebodium Blue star

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  • AKA ~ Blue Star Fern

  • Care: Thrives with a little TLC

  • Light Levels: Loves a bight spot but definitely no direct sun.

  • Water + Humidity: In the summer water weekly or when the soil dries out, watering from underneath is quite good. It likes to be moist but not soggy alongside high humidity making it ideal for your bathroom.

  • Pet / Baby Safe: Yes

  • Air Purification:  Yes

  • Suitable for Beginners: Yes

  • Why we love them: The pale blue colour is very cool right now and adds a new dimension to any plant collection.

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 50cm
Width: 50cm
Pot size: 17cm