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Nigella Black Cumin
Nigella Black Cumin

Nigella Black Cumin

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Nigella, also known as Black Cumin, is an annual, flowering plant native to Asia and the Middle East. Its wispy, elegant, blue flowers look stunning in any garden or balcony arrangement and, if you can resist picking the delicate blooms, the seed pods that develop from the flowers are equally glorious. In fact, the seeds are the edible part of the plant and are widely used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Slavic cooking for their strong aroma and spicy taste. If you ever enjoyed Turkish bread and wondered what the tasty little black seed on top of it was—it’s Nigella. It’s hard to believe that such a delicate little flower packs such a flavourful punch, indispensable in Indian and Asian cuisine.

Packet contains 100 seeds.


Indoor Not required
Outdoor Apr-Sept

Germination 10-15 days
Harvesting 80-100 days

When sowing 3-5 cm; Depth 0,5 cm
When thinning 20-30 cm

Sunligth Full sun 
Soil Well-drained, fertile and moist soil
Watering Regular, moderate watering 
Feeding Light feeder

Expert tip Taking care of Nigella is simple: water during dry times, feed regularly and deadhead spent blooms to encourage the growth of more flowers or collect seeds from dried seedpods.