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Kalanchoe Berharensis

Kalanchoe Berharensis

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  • AKA ~ Velvet-Leaf, Felt Bush or Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe

  • Care: Easy

  • Light Levels: They are easily grown in well-drained soil in full sun or a bright spot.

  • Water + Humidity: Water thoroughly during the growing season, allowing the soil to dry out each time before watering again. Water sparingly during the winter so that the soil stays barely moist.

  • Top Tip: You can add a plant food in once every 2 weeks throughout spring and summer.

  • Pet/Baby Safe: Toxic

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable For Plant Beginners: Yes

  • Why We Love Them: The dusky grey leaves are so soft to the touch and are a lovely shape.

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 30cm
Width: 20cm
Pot size: 12/11cm