Ficus Benjamina Danielle
Ficus Benjamina Danielle
Ficus Benjamina Danielle

Ficus Benjamina Danielle

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AKA Tropical Laurel, Weeping Fig, Benjamin tree, Java Fig, Small-leaved Rubber Plant, Benjamin Fig

Care: Easy Care

Light Levels: Enjoys a bright spot, just out of direct light.

Water + Humidity: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings then give them a good soak. You don't want your plant to sit in water inside a pot, please allow time for them to drain; and these plants need a lot less water in winter compared to the summer months as well.

Avoid dust building up on the leaves by giving them a regular wipe or shower.

Pet / Baby Safe: Toxic if ingested

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

 Why we love them: These plants are a tall and slim option, that still have an abundance of leaves for optimum bushiness, making it the perfect statement plant for small and large spaces alike.


Dimensions (approx.)

Small height 90 x width 45 cm, pot size 21 cm

Large height 135 x width 70 cm, pot size 27 cm