Euphorbia Erytrea Branched

Euphorbia Erytrea Branched

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AKA Cowboy Cactus, Indian Tree Spurge

Care: Easy

Light Levels: This plant will really thrive in any bright spot and enjoys direct sunlight. Perfect for south facing windows, conservatories and well lit shelves.

Humidity: Allow the soil to dry out between watering, this will happen more frequently in the summer growing season. Hold back on watering in the winter, this plant will need very good drainage.

Pet / Baby Safe: No

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Plant Beginner: Yes

Why we love them: Lots of visual interest, feels like something straight out of the desert!

Top Tip: Euphorbias have a white sap that is related to latex, and can cause skin allergies, so if any part of the plant breaks or you see any sap - be careful, wash it off your skin.


Dimensions (approx.)

Height 225 x Width 70 cm

Pot size 30 cm