Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch
Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch

Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch

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Our eucalyptus cinerea bunches have been flying out the door, so grab one while you can! 
This generous bunch is more than enough to fill a large vase or is easily divided so you can dot stems around your home or office. 
Our Eucalyptus Bunch comes wrapped in kraft paper and is finished with twine. 

Give the stems a snip every so often, keep the water fresh and it will last for weeks. It can also be easily dried in its vase if you simply let the water run out or if you can’t wait, simply hang the stems upside down in a warm, dry place. 

Top Tip: Pop a dried bundle in your shower or bathroom. The steam in the room reacts on the leaves to awaken their dreamy scent. It’s like being in your very own spa! (Just make sure the hot water doesn’t actually touch the leaves.)

Full Bunch, shown in picture.