Dracaena Riki
Dracaena Riki
Dracaena Riki

Dracaena Riki

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  • AKA ~  Dragon tree

  • Care: Easy Care

  • Light Levels: Bright, indirect light, too much sun will burn the leaves.

  • Water + Humidity: In the summer keep the soil slightly moist and water less in the winter, also likes to be misted. They also love a bit of fresh air, so open a widow for them!

  • Top Tip: No need to worry if the bottom leaves fall off, this is a normal part of the growing process and is how the plant prepares for new growth.

  • Pet / Baby Safe: Toxic

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable for Plant Beginner: Yes

  • Why we love them: The classic easy plant and as its name suggests, the foliage is a lovely bright yellow colour!

Dimensions (approx.)

Small: Height 100cm, width 40cm, pot size 21/20cm

Large: Height 170cm, width 60cm, pot size 24/23cm