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Ctenanthe Amabilis

Ctenanthe Amabilis

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  • AKA ~ Never Never Plant

  • Care: Thrives with a little TLC

  • Light Levels: This plant needs to be kept away from direct sun and bright windows, this will help stop the leaf ends going crispy or brown. Think dappled shade with this one.

  • Water + Humidity: Regular watering will help keep this plant thriving. Their soil should be kept damp to increase humidity levels, aim for once a week in the Summer months or more if your home is very warm and cut this back when temperatures become cooler.

  • Top Tip: Avoid keeping them near radiators that are used regularly.

  • Pet/Baby Safe: Yes

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable For Plant Beginners: Great for someone who is confident with their plant care routine or who wants to learn some care techniques.

  • Why We Love Them: The beautiful ovate leaves that are brushed with a beautiful design on top and a purple-red underbelly.

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 40cm
Width: 35cm
Pot size: 14cm