Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Makoyana

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AKA  Prayer Plant

Care: Thrives with a little extra care

Light Levels: This plant needs to be kept away from direct sun and bright windows, this will help stop the leaf ends going crispy or brown. Think dappled shade with this one.

Water + Humidity: Regular watering will help keep this plant thriving. Their soil should be kept damp to increase humidity levels, aim for once a week in the Summer months or more if your home is very warm and cut this back when temperatures become cooler, allowing the plant to dry in between.

Top Tip: Avoid keeping them near radiators that are used regularly. 

Pet/Baby Safe: Yes

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable For Plant Beginners: Great for someone who is confident with their plant care routine or who wants to learn some care techniques.

Why We Love Them: Highly decorative leaves, with lots of interest - a gorgeous gift!

Pot size 17cm