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Cissus Discolor

Cissus Discolor

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AKA ~ Rex Begonia Vine

Care: Thrives with a little TLC.

Light Levels: Avoid direct sun and deep shade, keep these plants in a moderately bright spot for optimum conditions. Too much sun will bleach the colour from the leaves and crisp the ends.
Water + Humidity:  Water thoroughly during the growing season, allowing the soil to dry out each time before watering again. Water sparingly during the winter so that the soil stays barely moist. They will also benefit from misting if your home is very dry.

Pet / Baby Safe: Yes

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

Why we love them: Great for kitchens, bathrooms and closed terrariums!

Top tip: These plants were made to clamber and climb, they are vines, so if you feel brave enough, get they trained across your rooms, shelves or walls.

Dimensions (approx.)
  • Height: 150cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Pot size: 27cm