Asplenium Parvati

Asplenium Parvati

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Care: Easy Care

Light Levels: Thrives in moderate, indirect light. Try to avoid direct sunlight and deep shade.

Water + Humidity: The asplenium hates hot, dry conditions, and will prefer at least a little humidity. They will benefit from regular misting and the soil being kept damp to increase the humidity levels. Give them a boost in the spring and summer with some plant food and avoid putting them in a home with heating that’s on all the time. 

Pet / Baby Safe: Yes

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Plant Beginner: Yes

Why we love them: The size of this fern makes it a real statement plant and with those ruffled leaves, you’ll be just as mesmerised as we are!


Height 55 x Width 50cm

Pot size: 27cm