Pilea Glauca

Pilea Glauca

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  • AKA ~ Silvery Sparkles, Grey Baby Tears

  • Care: Easy with a little TLC

  • Light Levels: Thrives in bright, indirect light.

  • Water + Humidity: Aim to keep the soil damp, but never too soggy. This plant prefers good drainage and if you are worried about water levels inside the pot you can always water them from underneath.

  • Pet/Baby Safe: Yes

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable For Plant Beginners: Yes

  • Why We Love Them: A gorgeous silvery, green plant made up of tiny iridescent leaves that trail, it really is a lovely one.

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 10cm
Width: 25cm
Pot size: 15/12cm