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Cissus Ellen Danica

Cissus Ellen Danica

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  • AKA ~ Grape Ivy

  • Care: Easy Care  ⭐️

  • Light Levels: These plants do well in bright but indirect light. The plant can tolerate low light settings but will need pinching back frequently as it will stretch toward its light source.

  • Water + Humidity: Allow the soil to become nearly dry between waterings then water the plant thoroughly allowing any excess to drain away. Add plant food once a season.

  • Pet / Baby Safe: Yes, sap can cause skin irritation in some people.

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable for Beginners: Yes

  • Why we love them: These plants have been popular indoor plants since the 1940s, however they have become somewhat forgotten and we are determined to bring them back!  I mean, what more could you want from a hanging plant? It's very lush!

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 40cm
Width: 35cm
Pot size: 17cm