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Begonia Tap Dance

Begonia Tap Dance

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  • AKA ~ Polka Dot Begonia

  • Care: Easy

  • Light Levels: Grows best in a bright spot, can handle some direct sunlight, but will do best  if it is place in indirect light.

  • Water + Humidity: In the summer they drink quite a lot, it’s best to feel the soil but aim for around once or twice per week in the summer as the soil will dry out faster. During the winter, when the plant is dormant, reduce your watering schedule. 

  • Pet / Baby Safe:  Toxic if ingested.

  • Air Purification: Yes 

  • Suitable for Beginners: Yes

  • Why we love them: Those deep pink iridescent leaves will definitely add some colour to your plant collection!

Dimensions (approx.)

Height 25cm, width 25cm, pot size 13cm