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Asparagus Falcatus

Asparagus Falcatus

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AKA ~ Sicklethorn Fern

Care: Easy Care

Light Levels: Enjoys a bright spot, out of direct light. Direct sun scorches this ferns fronds.

Water + Humidity: Water this plant regularly, aiming to keep the soil moist. You can allow the top two inches of soil to dry and they will need less water in the colder months.

Pet / Baby Safe: Toxic if ingested, the berries too.

Air Purification: Yes

Suitable for Beginners: Yes

Why we love them: The ferns are super easy to look after and they are great growers!

Top tip: Top up the soil as these plants grow and give them a feed in the spring and summer months

Dimensions (approx.)
Height: 80cm
Width: 35cm
Pot size: 18/19cm