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Areca Palm
Areca Palm

Areca Palm

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  • AKA ~ Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm, Yellow Palm, or Butterfly Palm

  • Care: Easy Care

  • Light Levels: Loves a sunny spot, but ideally not directly on its fronds.

  • Water + Humidity: Regular watering and misting will keep this plant happy, aim to water once the soil feels noticeably dry to the touch, they want to be kept relatively damp, but never wet as they can be prone to root rot. A pot with good drainage will help avoid any root damage.

  • Top Tip: Give this plant a shower to keep the fronds clean and dust free

  • Pet/Baby Safe: Yes

  • Air Purification: Yes

  • Suitable For Plant Beginners: Yes

  • Why We Love Them: Ever popular, these beautiful palms bring elegance to wherever the are placed.

Dimensions (approx.)

Large: Height 140cm, width 80cm, pot size 21/20cm
Extra large: Height 150cm, width 55cm, pot size 27/25cm